Sunday, June 27, 2010

Been thinking

Most of this blog has consisted of diaper talk. But I was reading another blog post from another blogging mom and it got me thinking. Is the military the right place for my family?

We have 12 years until the hubby can retire with half his paycheck for the rest of his life. We have big plans for retirement. We plan to be the RV driving 50 somethings. Hopefully towing a cute little convertible Mini behind it!! When he does retire (if he retires) our children will be 12 and 13. I think high school will be the perfect time to be settled into one location. BUT I yearn for a place to call home.

I moved when I was 15 from Ohio to NC. I consider NC to be my home. But since starting college in 2001 I have moved, wait for it, 12 times. That's insane! Ethan has lived in 3 different states, he isn't even 2 yet! While some of the 12 moves were around the corner or from apartment to apartment because of flooding. We have done a few major moves. First one being from NC to VA after I graduated. Then a few years later VA to KS for Sohel's USMC job in Kansas City. Then KS to NC and then back to VA. Each time adding a little bit more to the moving truck and one new person in the car :0) I used to love to move but now with kids in tow, its becoming hard. I just want to be able to use all of my address labels, is that to much to ask???

We are awaiting word on our next destination. I hope its somewhere on the West coast, since that's the only coast we haven't been to. Is it crazy to think the desert would be neat for a few years? My mom says yes, she thinks I will melt away in the heat of 29 Palms. I think San Diego would be great, perfect weather, a few family members live there. I could be closer to LA and maybe get to use my degree in costume design. Maybe Ethan and Lily could be discovered and we could retire before 12 years ;0) One can hope!

Its not forever. Moving isn't forever. Someday we will find our home, maybe KS, maybe NC, maybe GA, who knows. But for now the USMC has been good to us and our children and I guess we are that military family. For now I am just trying to give up my need to be in control of all situations and roll with the flow. I know that the husband has the families best interest at heart. He will do what he needs to he always has! That's why he is my husband, plus he is easy on the eyes ;0)

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