Thursday, June 24, 2010

Diaper Crazy!

So I was introduced to this website for cloth diapering mama's I'm addicted. I spent most of yesterday, in between dealing with screaming children, buying diapers. I'm buying diapers for Ethan and Lily so I've been buying one size BumGenius and Fuzzi Bunz. I can't seem to stop! Sohel has threatened to block the site from my computer :).

I started to forget what I was getting because I was buying form a whole bunch of people that I had to go back and make a list for myself. I did buy new one size BumGenius for Ethan because they are getting rid of their OS 3.0 brand. So I got 6 for the price of 5.

Check it out if interested -

Here is a picture of what I have been putting my diaper diapers in

Just a small trash can with a lid. I have to keep it in the bathroom (ignore the nice wallpaper *gag* we are renters and can't change it) because Ethan is into EVERYTHING. I did have it in the garage but I guess because of the heat, there were little gnats all over the place (EW!!!) So inside it came. Right now I am using a trash bag to line it, they sell these things called wetbags or liners that you can use. I don't have one yet, I found one on diaperswappers and I'm hoping to here from her soon!

Things with Lily have gone from bad to worse. She cries ALL.THE.TIME. Except when sleeping. She makes it pretty difficult to get her to sleep too. She needs to be swaddled and me holding her and walking around the house. I, of course, can't get through to the peds office. No one at DeWitt hospital will answer the phone or its busy. I just need to leave a message for her Dr to call in that new prescription. Grrrrr.

Well happy Friday everyone, I know I am looking forward to this weekend! Going to see a friends new baby, maybe go to a party at another friends house and catch up on all my house work.

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