Sunday, June 20, 2010

I have decided to cloth diaper

I have decided to cloth diaper the little one to save some $$. Let me tell you, its either very hard to figure this stuff out or I am a big dummy. I found a website that you can order a 'trial' pack of diapers. It came in the mail yesterday and I am now washing them (2nd time out the 3 they recommend). I can't wait to try them all out on Lily.

Here are some pics of the diapers before washing.

Contents :

3 unbleached indian pre-folds

3 bleached chinese pre-folds

1 snappi

2 thristies fab fitteds

2 kissaluvs fitted diapers

2 thirsties covers

1 prowrap diaper cover

2 fuzzi bunz with insert

2 bumgenius all in ones

I am also borrowing 4 small fuzzi bunz from a friend. So far by just looking at them I like the Thristies fab fitted. However they are all a fleece fabric and its 95 degrees outside so I am not sure how Lily's bum will like it. Hoping to start trying them tomorrow.

If you are interested in trying out diapers yourself here is the link where I ordered my dipes.


  1. I always found the whole pre-fold and insert and covers and everything was just really confusing. Combine that with my gag factor related to poo and I was never brave enough to try cloth. I will be following your adventures though. :)

  2. I'll remember to check back on this! I plan to use cloth diapers with our next little one :) Good luck with your blogging!