Wednesday, June 23, 2010

My review of the cloth diapers

Ok so here is my review up to now of the diapers

3 unbleached indian pre-folds
- hard to fold and leaky
3 bleached chinese pre-folds
- hard to fold and leaky
1 snappi
- just plain annoying to hook on the diapers
2 thristies fab fitteds
- leaked everytime I used them, not just leaked but the entire diaper was soaked
2 kissaluvs fitted diapers
- these are fleece diapers so super thick and hot. The first time I used it I didn't know it needed a cover, well it does because Lily left her mark on my shirt :). Next time I put a cover on but still not one of my favorites.
2 thirsties covers
- works fine but not a fan of the pre-folds so I don't think I will need the covers
1 prowrap diaper cover
- same as Thirsties covers
2 fuzzi bunz with insert
- love these. A friend suggested to remove insert before placing in diaper pail and thank god I listened because by the time you wash these the entire diaper is soaked. So there isn't any dry place to touch to remove insert from diaper. GahROSS!
2 bumgenius all in ones
- love these also. So easy to use!

I'm on the search for good deals for Fuzzi Bunz and BumGenius AIO or pockets.

I have also decided to cloth diaper Ethan. He gets really bad rashes from the amount of times he poos a day (like 5 or 6 times lol). There is no end in site of the diapers as he is no where near ready to be potty trained.

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