Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Washed diapers again today, this time I am trying to sun them and see how long it takes to dry outside. With it being 1 million degrees outside I am thinking not to long??

Anyways here are some pics

Lily modeling her Fuzzi Bunz (and yes she always sits with her head up, freaky neck muscles both of my kids have)

Here are the diapers drying out in the sun.
I should add that since I use detergent to wash my diapers that I run an extra rinse. My buddy told me that today when she was reading my blog. Its nice to have friends who cloth diaper to help me because I would be lost in the sauce!


  1. You should flip the diaper part over so that the inside is in the sun. If the get any stains, the sun will help them come out.

  2. Thanks, will do that next time. I thought that maybe I should do that but Ethan was yelling at me so I was rushing lol.