Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Made my first card!

I made my first card on Sunday. I needed to make a get well soon card for my uncle. He has cancer and just had his leg removed. I wanted to make him one, well because there aren't any cards out there that seemed appropriate.
So off I went to Michael's. I got some card stock, some blank cards, some sticker with quotes on them and some brads.

I used some fabric I already had and glued everything together, did a bit of stitching and placed a brad on and we have a card!

without words

close up of the stitching

I love brads! I felt it helped make it a bit more 'manly'

Saying on inside of the card

Finished card read for mailing!
I need to work on my printing but overall I am pleased. It came out how I wanted it too. I think my Uncle Steve will like it!

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