Friday, July 2, 2010

This week has been a wild one. Mama (me) came down with a bad cold. As dramatic as I am, I'll even say I was on my death bed. The hubby stayed home to take care of me. He tries to help, but no one can replace mom. :) I am feeling better but I just sound like Minnie Mouse.

This week I decided to document my son and his odd food habits. He LOVES ketchup and pickles. Sometimes it will be all he will eat. Below are a few of his meals for lunch. The first thing to go at every meal was the applesauce with a bit of ketchup mixed in. Then it's usually the Oreo stick. So weird is my son.

I have gone a little crazy buying stuff this week.

Got a cute wetbag for my cloth diapers to take in my diaper bag for those icky wet diapers. seller: appletreeboutique

Having some shirts made for Ethan and Lily - I want to get some family pics taken when Lily is 4 months old. I'm having Ethan's (big bro) in blue and Lily's (lil sis) in a purple onesie. Can't wait to get them! seller: rubyryder

I found this cool juice box holder. Its called a Dwink. Ethan is notorious for squeezing his juice boxes all over me or dad. I'm hoping this will help. I got one for him and Lily.

Thought I would throw in a few more pics of the kids wearing their cloth diapers.
Ethan in a BumGenius 3.0
Lily in a BumGenius 3.0

Here is a pic I got of Ethan today - I guess he wanted an orange?

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