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Thursday, September 30, 2010

Ethan's 2nd Birthday Party

Ethan's 2nd birthday party was on 09.18.10. He was turning 2 on 09.22.10 but we decided to have a big bash on the Saturday before.

We decided to have a train themed party. He loves all things "choo-choo!"
I spent the better part of a week baking and cutting out decorations. I made Chocolate Chip cookies, Peanut Butter cookies, sugar cookies, brownies, Oreo balls and 2 types of cupcakes. We had a candy bar and a food station with meatballs, Train shaped PB&J sandwiches and chicken nuggets.

The morning of the party started off interesting with my tall almost 2 year old reaching up and grabbing a cupcake.

Trying to hid the frosting on his mouth

The sad cupcake
I used a template I purchased from Parties By Hardie for all his decorations. I went a little crazy. I made invitations, envelops, water bottle wraps, napkin rings, food wraps, signs for all the food, a banner, signs for outside, cupcake thingy, flags, treat bags and a t-shirt. I am not the best photographer but her are some pics from the party!

Train shaped cookie favors. I used a CD sleeve and a food wrap around it. Bummed I didn't get a better pic. I was running behind and people were showing up. I was in a rush to get pictures.

The only pic I could get of the shirt from the front. I used the large train image as a pattern and cut it out of felt.

PB&J Train shaped sandwiches. I bought a train cookie cutter to do the sugar cookies and sandwiches off Etsy. Check out his other cookie cutters!
The hubby insisted that we needed a bouncy house. So here it is

Having fun with his friends!

This is my little Lily enjoying the party :)

Already planning Lily's 1st birthday party in April. I have a feeling that one will be even more detailed. Hopefully I will learn to take better pics by then.

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