Tuesday, January 25, 2011

day 1 biggest accomplishment

My biggest accomplishment would be having my kids. They are so fun and such amazing little people. Sometimes I just look at them and I'm amazed that my husband and I made them.

09.22.08 - 10:15am
7lbs 4oz - 19in

This pregnancy was pretty easy going. I had a loss 2 months before conceiving Ethan so I was pretty nervous the entire pregnancy. Early on I had a close call with losing this pregnancy but after taking some meds my HCG levels increased. At 20 weeks we went for our big ultrasound and found out that Ethan had a two vessel cord . With all the complications that could have happened during that pregnancy he was born in a quick 5 hour labor 15 days early with only a webbed toe. But trust me that toe doesn't slow him down!!

30 weeks pregnant

Right after he was born

First Birthday

Second Birthday

03.31.10 - 3:00pm
6lbs 1oz - 19in

This pregnancy wasn't really planned, but it certainly was welcomed! Ethan was only 10 months old, we wanted 2 kids but not so close together, however we were happy to find out. About 10 weeks in I started to have cramping and bleeding. I thought it was another miscarriage. My hubby was working in DC (I was in NC) and had been for the past 4 months so I asked the neighbor to watch Ethan (he was sleeping) and his wife drove me to the hospital. After waiting for 6 hours I was told I was pregnant with twins. OMG! I was diagnosed with a Blighted Ovum. I had 2 sacs, one with a baby and one that was empty. I was told to wait it out. Everything after that night was normal. At 20 weeks Lily wouldn't open her legs so we went to get a 3-D ultrasound and after 1 Frosty she revealed herself! Lily was born 20 days early and was a smooth and easy labor of 6 hours. We have had a few medical issues with her mainly reflux and colic but finally at 10 months old we have been making some progress.

36 weeks pregnant

Right after she was born

First food

Hanging out with momma

I'm honored to have these kids in my life and can't wait to see what the rest of our lives involve!

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