Friday, February 25, 2011

day 19: talent of yours

well it isn't blogging, but i'm trying ;0)

I think I have a few talents but I think sewing is one thing I am pretty good at.

Here are some pictures of stuff I made in college (pictures all taken between 2002 and 2005 - so pardon the crappy quality)

Yes, that is a BIG foam sock and yes I made it. I also had to test it out for the director. He made me dance around in the hall to make sure the actress could dance in it. It was not my finest moment.

This was from the first show I designed for a main stage. I was in charge of the peasants. I designed and constructed all the costumes. As You Like It - Shakespeare.

I finished college with a degree in Costume Design in 4.5 years. My last semester was horrible and full of drama. So I couldn't wait to get out of there and take a long break from theatre. So I did just that, I got a job as an Accounting Coordinator for an advertising agency.

If you don't know anything about theatre, well it's hard. You work night and day. I did crews that would go as late at 2am. I worked backstage and would be there late and would have class at 8am the next morning. Yes, all nighters are common in college but try building sets at midnight or painting with the smelliest paint (milk based) at 1 am. I was tired and burnt out. But I miss it, I miss sewing and being creative. I hope now that I live closer to Wilmington, NC and the kids are getting older, that I can find a little costume work here and there. But until then I will just sew name tapes, chevrons and hem USMC uniforms.


  1. Wow--these are awesome! (And I so wish there was a video of you dancing around in that sock costume)

  2. Thanks! I am very glad there isn't a video of the dance :)