Wednesday, March 23, 2011

day 26: day 27: day 28: day 29: day 30

day 26 - my week

My week was fairly uneventful. We hang around most of the day during the week. We did story time on Thursday for the first time and it was fun. Ethan didn't yell and he read a few books and listened to Mr. Sean read books about Dinosaurs (one of his favorite topics these days). He also did a dino craft! On Friday we went to dinner at the PX and to the Commissary for groceries. Saturday we cleaned and organized our upstairs a little bit and went to lunch at Taco Bell. Sohel fixed the deck and killed some more red ants (we are being overrun!!!) Sunday we went to Kohl's and Old Navy and took advantage of their sales and bought myself and Sohel a few new clothes.

Overall a regular weekend with us :)

day 27 - my worst habit

Procrastination! I am HORRIBLE at this. As you can tell by a 30 day challenge taking me over a month!

day 28: what's in my diaper bag

I don't carry a purse so my diaper bag, aka backpack is my source for everything. I carry a Skip Hop backpack. I like it because it isn't a pain when carrying 2 kids or even one. It has clips that allow me to clip it to my strollers. It has a pocket that unzips and turns in to a changing pad. Plus lots of pockets to hold snacks, milk cups and everything else a baby has.

So whats in my bag:
changing pad
spoon and fork
baggie full of - neosporin, teething gel, bandaids, wet ones, cough drops, tissues and hairbrush
snacks, formula, and bottles
diaper rash cream
Scentsy catalog
lip balm

So there you have it - my mom bag.

day 29: my hopes/dreams for the next year

I want to get more settled in. Learn Jacksonville and meet people. I want to have a few girls nights :)
I want Lily to learn to put herself to sleep (wishful thinking)
I want Ethan to grow up and learn to talk in sentence so that we can communitcate better and maybe have less tantrums.
I want Sohel to finish his new Marine Corps school and head off to his deployment (not a hope or a dream but I hate the waiting game)
I want to help my new Etsy business grow (more about that later).

I really just want to enjoy my year with little stress and drama!

day 30: car I drive

I currently drive a 2002 Jeep Grand Cherokee Overland in steel gray. I like it, we bought it in Kansas and it has heated seats which was needed out there! It has a sunroof, which Ethan likes. I also like the auto wipers, lights and seat memory positions. The backseat is really really narrow between the front and back row. We would like to get a Tahoe or even a mini van (eeek!)
My next car was something I got in college - 1997 Jeep Grand Cherokee. Its a funky green and had what I think may have been one of the first ever "car phones". It was awesome, but Sohel removed it a few years ago. I got this car after my car floated away in a hurricane. I felt pretty fancy :)
The car that floated away in the hurricane was a Ford Contour, I can't remember the year since I only had it for a week or so. It was my moms and was passed down to me after my little Mazda (see below) got tired.

1993 Mazda Protege in gold. This was my first car, I got it when I was a senior in high school. It had automatic seat belts and had a tape deck :). I called it Fred. It wasn't the nicest of cars but my parents bought it from an old lady who took very good care of it so it was super clean. It got me around town and to and from college. Plus it zooomed!!


  1. you got the mazda in high school & the contour was a 98-