Wednesday, March 23, 2011

product review: eco store USA

disclaimer : this review is based on my opinions solely. I was not compensated at all for my opinions. I actually bought the products :)

eco store USA is a company who makes products "with no nasty chemicals". I found this company because I won a gift certificate to their store from a mom's group I was a member of. I bought 4 of their products; nappy balm, all-purpose cleaner, pure oxygen laundry whitener and Rose and Cardamon hand wash.

I bought the nappy balm because it's hard to find diaper cream that I can use with my cloth diapers. Both of my kids freak out when we use the California Baby diaper cream. Ethan says it hurts, so we usually have to switch back to disposables when we have a bad rash but this cream has seemed to work and I haven't had any issues with my cloth diapers and it not washing out.
The Pure Oxygen Whitener works but its kind a pain. But I think it was user error. You have to dissolve it in a cup of warm water, which is kind of a pain but I then didn't know where to put it in my washing machine. My machine has a drawer where you put the soap, bleach and fabric softener. I put it in the bleach area but I think I will try it again and just pour it in with my clothes. Any suggestions?

The hand wash is nice, it has a scent but it isn't overwhelming. It doesn't lather like other soaps but I felt like my hands were clean. I use a lot of soap everyday because of the millions of diapers I change and cooking I do and this soap hasn't dried my hands out which is awesome!

I LOVE this cleaner. I use it all over my house. It has a citrus smell but it doesn't make gag like some scented products. My only complaint is the spray bottle is more of a shot of spray versus a spray but I just move things I don't want to get spray on (sometimes I'm a lazy counter wiper, I don't always move my bananas and clean under them...oops). I have used it to clean my window sills, doors and dining room table. I feel like everything is very clean with out the use of heavy chemicals. I don't have to wait until the kids are asleep to clean because I don't want them to touch something I just cleaned.

They have good prices and fast shipping. I didn't use up all of my gift certificate and I can't wait to buy a few more products to try and of course get some more of the all purpose spray.

Thanks for reading :)

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