Thursday, March 31, 2011

turning 1 (cute picture heavy!)

My littlest is one today. I am sad about her growing up but so happy that we reached another big milestone with her!

My labor with Lily was pretty easy. Life after labor was not so easy. Lily has lots of issues. It started with colic and combine that with reflux, she never slept. She screamed for 2-4 hours a night for 3 months. I was one frazzled momma. I was the only one who could calm her, I was also the one covered in baby spitup 24/7. I had a really hard time, I didn't want to be around her sometimes. She has been the most challenging thing I have ever dealt with. We are still dealing with reflux, finally a Dr is concerned since she is below the 5th percentile in weight and is sending us to occupational therapy and to a GI specialist. I have been trying to get this through the Drs heads for MONTHS but they said "she's gaining weight". "She's a happy spitter" Happy spitter?!?! Ugh, whatever.
Anyways, onto the cute stuff!

Says: Momma (YES! I was first, finally!!!!)
Loves: music, rolling on the ground with blankets, hanging with her brother, Gerber Wheels, throwing laundry around, throwing wipes around, crawling like a crazy women, cruising on furniture and laughing.
Hates: Hair clips and having things taken from her
Favorite food: Loves bananas, apples and chex mix (bold flavor)
Sleep: Doesn't like to do it for long periods of time, wakes about 3-4 times a night.
Weight and Height: 17.8 lbs and 28.5in long.

Now for some photos (ok lots of photos) from her first year:
In labor at Dewitt on Ft. Belvoir

So alert after birth

First time meeting her brother, Ethan.

First time doing tummy time
Bumbo time

Holding hands!
A little bit of her personality

Bonding time with Ethan
First Date with Sammy

First Halloween

Little Mozart
Merry Christmas
Getting into things already
Loves swinging
Ethan trying to help Lily pose
We have a stander!
Cool cat
Some sand time

Happy Birthday Lily, I love you and can't wait for many more birthday's and firsts.


  1. Happy birthday, Lily! Sammy sends you a birthday kiss!

  2. Thanks Laura! I hope you don't mind that Sammy makes an appearance on my blog.