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Hi! I am a momma of 2, I’m southern, a vegetarian, & a student. I’m married to a top-notch guy who serves his country for a living. Ethan is the serious type & Lily is the complete opposite of serious! We are currently living it up in NC! This blog is a little place for me to document our lives.

Sunday, April 24, 2011


I want to talk about one of my favorite sites on the internet, Shutterfly.com.

Spring is here! Today is Easter. We had a blast making memories with the kids. I love to use Shutterfly.com to keep track of my memories. I have a family Shutterfly site to keep my parents and Sohel's family up to date with kid pictures as well as a few of me and S thrown in there.

I love the photobooks. I make one to summarize each of the kids first years. I made one for our wedding, our first move across the county and one for Sohel's mom with all her wedding pictures in it. I am hoping to make a recipe one soon. I just can't get enough of them!

Being a Military wife, we have moved A LOT! I love Shutterfly's moving announcement cards. So many cute options.

I just love Shutterfly's personalized gifts, for Christmas we made our mother's mugs covered in the kids pictures. They were a hit. With Mother's day coming up I plan on checking out Shutterfly for gifts for our mother's!

If you ever need anything to do with your photos, I would recommend checking out Shutterfly!

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  1. I couldn't agree more Linds!!! I love Shutterfly and I make a calendar every Christmas for the parents!