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Hi! I am a momma of 2, I’m southern, a vegetarian, & a student. I’m married to a top-notch guy who serves his country for a living. Ethan is the serious type & Lily is the complete opposite of serious! We are currently living it up in NC! This blog is a little place for me to document our lives.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

got the moving bug

I can't help myself but I have been itching to move again. We have moved a lot in the years we have dated/been married/had kids. This is Ethan's 6th address and Lily's 3! I don't love moving but I like a new place to explore, new people and friends to meet. I know that we will most likely staying here in good ol' Jacksonville, NC for another 3 years at least. We still have 11 years left before Sohel can retire but who knows what will happen within those 11 years.

Today I have been looking up houses for sale in Overland Park, KS. I just can't help it but I would love to move back there and raise the kids. The school systems are great and I just love the way it looks. Lots of outdoor areas, lots of culture to see. I know I have already talked about this place but I really miss it.

dream home in Overland Park

Nebraska Furniture Mart - I could live there. It was my midwestern Ikea

downtown Kansas City, MO. Lots of cool shops and restaurants. We loved going down there eating and window shopping.

I'm going to be taking the GRE in August/September and starting to work on getting a MAT in elementary education. Hopefully I can start work in the next few years and maybe that can be my way of getting us back out to Kansas.

p.s. if you checked out my etsy shop {a bit of something sweet} you may have noticed there is nothing in it. Well I have changed my mind about what I want to do. The hubs and I are working on a new idea.

Thanks for stopping by!

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