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Hi! I am a momma of 2, I’m southern, a vegetarian, & a student. I’m married to a top-notch guy who serves his country for a living. Ethan is the serious type & Lily is the complete opposite of serious! We are currently living it up in NC! This blog is a little place for me to document our lives.

Friday, June 3, 2011

a bit of crafting and a little bit personal stuff

You will not believe it but I am trying my hand at digital scrap (thanks to a girl who inspired me to try). I wanted to scrap so bad but I honestly didn't enjoy paper scrapping. By the time I got an idea, organized my stuff and started my time was up. So I had been admiring digital scrap pages from a far on many sites but mainly two peas in a bucket and just decided to take a leap. I downloaded a few of the free kits. After a quick lesson on how to use Photoshop Elements (also a free trial) I got started. I am nowhere close to being as amazing some of the digital scrappers out there but I enjoy it and I'm creating memories for my family.

Check out some of my layouts!

On a personal note, next week we are taking Lily to Duke Children's hospital for her GI appointment. I am hoping we can get some answers as what is going on with her, will she be medicated for life? Does she need a surgery because her throat is to small (ok this is all in my imagination, I don't know if there is such thing as a to small throat. Let alone a surgery for it)? But I am hoping its not a waste of our 153 miles one way to the appointment and the Dr doesn't rush us out. I just want to know she will grow out of it or what I need to do to make her better. Her occupational therapy seems to be going well. We have moved up to stage 3 baby food and a few bottles (not pleased about bottles, but whatever works) of milk. She is still mostly drinking formula and still needs Zantac 2x a day.

We have been doing therapeutic brushing for 2 weeks now, not really sure if its making a difference. But she likes it and I don't mind doing it. It takes up a lot of our time, we have to do it every 2 hours. We have been using a Nuk brush before meal times, this has been helping her use her muscles on the sides of her mouth as well as oral stimulation. I've also gotten her a few little balls, she loves them and seems to be getting over her issues with touching "weird" feeling things.

Just to leave you with a happy thought


Thanks for reading.


  1. Dunc does Wilbarger brushing and has a Nuk too. He really likes his Summer's Infant 3 in one massager we got at Babies R Us. It has a Nuk Head and toothbrush heads and it vibrates. YAY on Stage 3 food! Here's my moto about doctor's and what I pep myself up with before new big appointments--- don't let them rush you , you are in the driver's seat - THEY (the doctor's) are in a service industry. They are no greater than people working at a fast food restaurant. Their job is to SERVE you and your child. If they treat you rudely, remind them of that. And, if the one particular GI you see doesn't float your boat - don't lose hope! There are more ducks in the pond. :) Trust your instincts and be proud of yourself. Before new big appointments that I'm really nervous about I write lists. A short bullet list of key items to discuss. Another bullet list of reasons WHY I believe/know something to be true about my child if they are combative. I arrive with picture and videos (which for Duncan with a lot of his issues doctors had to see proof to believe - and some still didn't) and I take a list of questions. ASK your questions. And just keep pushing. But, hopefully you'll get the most wonderful GI ever. (Oh, take yourself some snacks and water as well...just in case you're waiting for a while. When appointments are at hospitals if a hospitalized child needs attention they take priority over the scheduled appointments at times depending on how their system is set up.)

  2. Thanks for all the advice Ashley :).

  3. I love your digital scrapbooking layouts--they're super cute! I hope things go well with Lily's appointment and that you get some answers soon. (Hugs)