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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Lily update

A few weeks ago I posted about Lily going to see a specialist about her GI issues. It was the hardest day I've had in a long time. I'm sure it was rough for her.

We drove the night before and stayed with my parents, our appointment was at 9 am and its 153 miles from our place in Jacksonville. That morning we got to the children's hospital around 8 am, we are always way to early, let the kids play with the GIANT fish tank they have and then checked in with the GI clinic.

Lily waiting for the doctor

We saw 2 GI doctors and a dietitian. The conclusion was to up her Zantac meds to 1.5mL 2 times a day and increase her calorie intake to 30 calories per oz. They also ordered a upper GI x-ray but I'll get to that in a bit.

The dietitian told us to increase her calories by adding Pedisure or a high calorie drink to her diet. So we are doing about 3 oz of formula and 3 oz of Pedisure. So far it seems to be working although she hasn't gained any weight since we left the GI. Now to make it more complicated, our OT isn't thrilled about adding such a high calorie drink to her diet because it will cause her to stop eating solid foods which is the whole point of OT. So as of now we are trying to find a happy medium. The main goal is to get Lily to gain weight fast but the end goal is to get her to eat solid foods.

Now onto the the upper GI x-ray. It was horrible. I have never been so sad in my life. All I wanted to do was hold her but they had her taped to a bench and they were rolling her around so they could get pictures of her chest and stomach.

Lily mostly strapped down, still have to get arms above head and taped down :(

The actual x-ray was supposed to be 5 mins but it took them close to 10 mins and it was the longest 10 mins ever. She screamed the.entire.time. I'm sure all the other kids waiting to get x-rayed were terrified because of Lily. But good news did come from this appointment, everything is working right. She has defiant reflux but nothing more serious is wrong.

We go back in 8 weeks, (more like 12 weeks since they are so booked up), to check her weight and reassess the reflux.

Well there ya go, a Lily update :)

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