Tuesday, July 5, 2011

single momma and potty training

Its officially started, the countdown to single momma time. Sohel leaves this weekend. :( He is home all this week but he has to pack and do his man chores, like mowing the grass and get rid of the poison ivy we discovered this weekend. To make matters worse harder, I've decided today is the day, we are going to potty train Ethan. I'm done buying diapers. So far its not going so well. He doesn't like not wearing pants, complains about sitting on the potty, plus my very active 15 month old is all in my way 24/7. Trying to take the seat as Ethan sitting on it. Cries if we leave the room to get the potty. Wants to shut the lid while Ethan is sitting on it. Let me tell you potty training isn't easy.

I wanted to get a huge poster of each of the kids with Sohel to hang in their rooms before he left but I'm running out of time and I still haven't gotten a picture of him with each kid. I want them to be able to say goodnight to him every night. I know its only FL but its like a trail run for next year when he is going to be gone for more months.

One more quick thing - I've entered Lily into a cutest baby contest with a local photographer (I mean lets face it, she is pretty darn cute). If you could be so kind to like her Facebook Page and then like Lily's picture in the cutest baby album. I would owe you one!

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