Tuesday, August 30, 2011

hurricane irene

I'm just stopping by to let y'all know that we survived. We {me and the kids} decided to stick it out in Jacksonville. It started on Friday night around 10:30pm. I brought the kids downstairs {we have a 1st floor master}. Lily and Ethan both woke up which ended up being a good thing because around 2 mins after they both got downstairs a tornado was reported to have touched down at Camp Lejeune. I'm not sure if this really happened but there was one spotted. After hanging out in the closet for 45 mins, we got the all clear and I tried to get the babies back to sleep.

Around 5am Saturday the power went out and didn't come back on until 1pmish. From what I'm heard we got the good end of the power outage. With the power went cell service and internet. So we were stuck with no way to communicate with anyone or to even check when the storm was going to be over. I was able to finally pick up one radio station who was also having major problems with their internet and had lost connection with the tv station. They finally got the station on their phone which they broadcasted via speakerphone into the microphone. I don't know about you but when the tv station and the radio stations are having issues, its a big deal! I thought maybe the East Coast was going to detach from the US, {ok not really, but it was scary!!}.

I don't know if the night was worse or the afternoon. We had 75-85mph winds straight for 4+ hours. We had some fence damage and quite a few shingles missing from the roof. When the fence fell it removed the cable box from the house so I was surprised to get cable/internet back yesterday afternoon! After removing the box from the house the fence then proceeded to land on my car :/. Doesn't look like anything but a dent {small dent at that} so no new mini van for me ;).

Here are a few pictures of during & after the storm

{my patio furniture moving outfit -
besides white cowgirl boots, those are the only boots I have... don't judge me}

{here she comes}

{start of the storm}

{fence resting on my bumper}

{back yard fence couldn't handle irene}

{The next morning}
{sad shingle}

{cable box :( }

{snapped right off}

{that used to be the gate to my backyard}

{And some cuteness during the storm}
{lily bug}

{ethan playing the freeze game}