Thursday, August 4, 2011

yarn wreath with felt flowers diy. well sorta

I was able to get crafty this week! It felt awesome to take an hour to myself and burn my finger, I mean make something pretty!

A while back I made a yarn wreath. I don't know if any of you have attempted this but its hard and made my hand hurt. But they are so pretty! I had always meant to put felt flowers on it but time slipped away and my yarn wreath hung on the door sans flowers.

Well tonight I decided to make a few flowers for my wreath. I want something for the door that isn't so Fourth of Julyish but perfect for the rest of summer. I went to Pinterest and searched for "felt flower tutorials". I found lots! Check out my crafty idea board for inspiration.

So here is my first attempt at a DIY
(more just a gathering of other peoples DIYs)
You can make your own yarn wreath! Read below to find all the tutorials and materials you will need.
Supplies needed:
Fabric strips
Felt or fabric
Hot glue gun
Fabric scissors

I followed this tutorial to make the yarn wreath. However I used a styrofoam wreath from Michaels and wrapped it with old baby blankets to give a white base on the inside. I cut the baby blanket into 2 or 3in strips and just wrapped it around the whole wreath until it was covered.

To make the felt flowers I followed this and this. I used leftover felt from the kids craft bin and old buttons I had laying around. For the yellow flower I used fleece. I think it worked out great! Next time I am going to try to make with other types of fabrics!

Here is the finished project!

I paid only about $8 for this wreath. I bought my yarn on clearance and foam wreaths aren't to pricey! I'm already planning my halloween wreath!!

Here is a quick guide to the DIY's I used:
I am Momma - she made a belt but I just used the flowers for my wreath


  1. It looks really fabulous! I might have to do a yarn wreath! The one on my front door needs changed!! :)

  2. Maybe a craft night is in order!

  3. I love it! I think I know what my first crafting project is going to be once I get settled down in Texas! :D

  4. I Love this! It is so cute, but I think if I tried it would be a hot mess! :)