Friday, September 30, 2011

5 years

5 years ago on this day at 4:00pm Sohel and I said I do.
It was a great day, full of family, friends and lots of fun. We had a small wedding, about 36 people on N. Topsail Beach, NC {fact: we now live about 20 mins from where we got married, weird}. We planned our wedding in about 6 weeks. There was a bit of drama surrounding us getting married so we got tired of waiting and just decided to jump in head first.

We had a small budget, but I felt we did a lot with it. I didn't get an amazing dress or the perfect hair and makeup. The day was pretty stressful, since we {maid of honor, me, Sohel and our minister} did everything. But it was our day and in the end it was special and pretty darn fun!!
We had Mexican food, perfect for the beach right?!?, plus Sohel's mom made Indian food. Plus we had the best thing ever, a chocolate fountain!

Things went wrong, I lost my veil walking down the walk way {it got hung up twice and finally I just took it off}. We booked the house without seeing it in person and we didn't know there was a HUGE dune at the end of the walkway. I swear this dune was HUGE, my momma fell down the dune! She always makes an entrance, maybe not the one she wanted!! The worst thing that could have happened to me, happened, I got sunburnt! It was bad, my nose, chest and my arms. It was embarrassing but what can you do? Just laugh about it and hope it doesn't show up to much in the pictures.

Our "minister" was our friend Justin. He got ordained online to marry us. Sohel and I our 2 different religions. Not just 2 different types but very different. He is Muslim and I am Christian {hence the drama mentioned earlier}, so we asked out Jewish friend to marry us. We thought it would be funny and well cheap! He was so nervous that he read out vows for us and we didn't even get to say them!
Everyone who made the trip for our wedding was who we wanted there. Our wedding was a destination wedding for everyone including us. We had people from Virginia, Ohio, North Carolina and Georgia all make the trip.
Some of you may recognize the girl above, Karen, she has been my friend for 5 years! Ever since we met and exchanged a dog in a 7-11 parking lot late one night in between Richmond and Virginia Beach. We met on and still keep in touch to this day! Her and Tim are some of the best people I know!

I case you are wondering my dress is from JCrew and so were the ties that the groom and bestman wore.


  1. So you had people from NY at your wedding also!! Who would have thought that the dog that we both no longer have would bring us together!!
    Happy Anniversary, sure does fly, now we both have 2 kids! XOXO

  2. haha yes I know that but you were living in VA at the time so thats why I didn't mention NY :)