Tuesday, September 20, 2011

ethan turns 3!

Yesterday Ethan turned 3. I can't believe how fast it has gone. I swear just yesterday I woke Sohel up and we went to the hospital to have him.

Then he turned into a little man

I truly can't wait to see who he becomes over the next 50+ years. He is so funny and smart. He amazes me every.single.day.

Weight: I'd say around 34lbs
Height: I'd guess around 38"
Words: Talks a mile a minute, we can have entire conversations through out the day. He still drops the 'S' off most words that start with S.
Bragging: He knows all his shapes, knows all colors and can count to 25 (granted its not always in order but he can still do it!). He can name most every dino you can imagine and knows all sorts of animals.

Yesterday we had a small birthday playdate for him with some of his friends. I did a dino themed party (of course). I kept it simple, unlike last year, just made goodie bags and food. I didn't make any decorations except my chalkboard banner, which I'm working on a DIY for that. We had 8 kids come over to play and survived without any drama and no injuries!

helping make cupcakes

opening his special dino shirt in the morning
(5:45am people, he ALWAYS wakes up that early :( )

some of the goodies + ethan begging for a juice box

After naptime we got to skype with daddy while Ethan opened his presents from his friends. We had already given him his big present when Sohel was visiting over Labor Day so today I just gave him a shirt, Mater Tales and a remote control fire truck (which was "from" Lily). But he made out pretty good from his friends! He needs to get started on his thank you notes ;).

skyping with daddy

And just because I can't help it

Have a great weekend!! (4 more weeks and he will be HOME!!!)

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  1. Looks like everyone had a great time, especially the birthday boy! :D