Tuesday, September 6, 2011

a labor day visitor

This weekend was amazing!! {Sohel} was able to come home for 2 whole days and celebrate Ethan's birthday (3 weeks early). His mom and sister came up for a day as well.

Sohel and I got {Ethan} a Gyffy Giraffe which is part of the Rody the Horse line. Both kids love it and its super cute! Perfect gift for Ethan since winter is coming up and he can't be out riding his bike in the next few months. He also got some clothing and books as well. Since his actual birthday is 3 weeks away, I have a few more gifts that I've been hiding that he can open then. We are having a play date on his birthday with some of his friends around here. I think he is looking forward to it!

Anyways back to Sohel's visit. It was so awesome to have him home! The whole mood of the house was different, Ethan was more chill and Lily didn't seem to cry as much. I don't think they are bad kids when Sohel is gone, I think its just me, they can split their attention and demands between the 2 of us and since its just me it is hard for the kids to get their needs met right away. Lily still gets mad that Ethan will sit close to me and that didn't change with Sohel's visit but Ethan didn't want to sit near me he would rather be with Sohel so Lily still got her undivided attention from me.

On {Saturday}, Sohel took us to get donuts and then we went to Target to get Lily's new meds. Ethan then opened presents. After naptime we ate cake and ice cream. I unfortunately had a reflux flare up and spent most of the night throwing up :0/.

{Sunday} Sohel's family left and we drove to Wilmington to find some slippers for Ethan. We ate at Panera Bread (HEAVEN!!) and went to the mall. It was fun to have someone else deal with a tantrum and push the stroller! Its only been 2.5 months but it feels like forever!

{Monday} he left to return to FL but only 52 days left before he is back for good (well at least a little while!!).

Even though it was a short visit and I feel like I'm back to the first day all over again, I can't wait until its over, I am still so happy he drove 13 hours to see us.

Thanks for stopping by!

P.S. I'm looking for more military write ups for my, a look inside feature!! E-mail me if interested!!


  1. That is great!!! I can't believe its been a year already and E is 3! It feels like just yesterday I we visited and were walking around DC with the kids late at night.

  2. It has flown by for us too! Before you know it you'll be celebrating J's 2nd and C's 1st!

  3. What a great birthday surprise for Ethan! Here's hoping the rest of the time flies by!

  4. Thanks Laura! I hope it does too!!