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Hi! I am a momma of 2, I’m southern, a vegetarian, & a student. I’m married to a top-notch guy who serves his country for a living. Ethan is the serious type & Lily is the complete opposite of serious! We are currently living it up in NC! This blog is a little place for me to document our lives.

Monday, October 17, 2011

{a little bit} of Monday business

Happy Monday y'all!! I'm usually not overly thrilled with Mondays but this Monday is special. It is my LAST Monday before my hunny comes home!!! I have a huge list of stuff to do and I am procrastinating by blogging and doing a little etsy business ;0)

this was from last week but you get the idea.

to do list

Speaking of my shop, I've added a few new vintage dress. If you are looking for a costume or just a fun dress to wear check out these newest editions!!


  1. That navy polka dot number is to die for!

  2. I agree!! If only I was tiny :(.