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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

{welcome home} glow-in-the dark banner DIY

Happy Tuesday y'all! I wrote yesterday that the man of our house came home after 4 months away at a school in FL. It was a tough 4 months. I've done a deployment back in 2004 but we were newly dating with no kids and it was a breeze compared to this separtion. I also lived alone with Ethan for 6 months but Sohel came home almost every Saturday. That was also hard but honestly nothing compares to home alone with 2 kids...except maybe 3 or more kids...

I wanted to make a Welcome Home banner to make him feel that we missed him :) I had this idea that I wanted my banner to glow and I saw Rachel on Smile and Wave made the cutest Welcome Home banner for her husband and I almost squealed when I saw it, it was exactly what I wanted!!

Here is my DIY so you can make your own glow-in-the dark Welcome Home banner for someone special in your life!

Large white flat sheet {I used a twin}
Glow sticks
Packing tape
Scissors {ended up not needing theses}

How to:
Step {1} Lay out flat white sheet. You could use another color if you wanted, I chose white because it was cheapest. I also picked a twin because it was cheap.

Step {2} Decide what you want to write, we wrote "Welcome Home Dad!" Lay out the glow stick to spell what you want your banner to say. Be careful to not lean on the glow stick since if they snap they will start to glow and may loose there glowing ability before you want them to :0/.

Step {3} Now start taping! I used regular tape at first but then realized it may not hold when taped to the wall. {plus I ran out after 2 letters ;)}. I switched to packing tape and it held great. The tricky part is making the curved letters, just accept that they aren't going to look like a "normal" shaped "a" or "c". I bought glow bracelets so I used the connectors to make my "o".

Step {4} Ask a nice friend to come over and help you hang the banner. I used tape to tape it to the front of my house. We have vinyl siding so it stayed up easy by just using packing tape.

So here is my attempt at a photo of the sign after it had been up for a few days. Like my spider webs?!? I was unable to get a picture of it glowing. I don't have a fancy DSLR camera with a nifty lens so all of mine turned out like a ball of light. But check out Rachel's blog she has a great shot of hers glowing!

I would suggest making this RIGHT before you expect them to come home. I snapped a lot of the glow sticks before I even got it hung outside. So when I went to snap the banner before S arrived it was already out of glow juice so it was spotty looking. Plus snapping them BEFORE taping them is ideal. Its hard to snap the whole stick after its taped down.

Overall it was cute and Sohel was surprised and loved it! We just took it down this weekend ;)


  1. Such an awesome idea! I love how it turned out!

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