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Sunday, July 22, 2012

Minnie Mouse Ears Tutorial/DIY

Hi again! I'm slowly trying to get back in to this thing called blogging but life gets in the way pretty much all the time. So anyways I'm back with a tutorial on how to make your very own pair of Minnie  or Mickey ears!

I scoured the internet to find a how to, I found one over at the Suburban Mom. BTW check out her blog its chalked full of awesomeness! Anywho, I liked her blog but felt that I could make it a little simpler for me and well I have a lack of resources here in good ol' Jacksonville. So here is my DIY :)

Black foam sheets (depending on the size will determine how many you will need, 8x12 made 1.5 ears) You can buy the self sticking foam sheets - I only bought one of those for Lily's ears because I wanted them sparkly
Hot glue gun & glue
Small black head bands {bought mine from this Etsy shop, doesn't look like she sells them anymore, but any 1/4 inch soft headbands will do}
Pink polk-a-dot Ribbon for the Minnie ears
White thread and hand sewing needle
The template found on Suburban Mom blog {click the link above & you'll go right to her ear tutorial!!}


1} Print out the template from Suburban Mom I mention above in the supplies section. Cut out 2 of the foam per headband.

2} If you didn't buy self sticking foam, use hot glue to glue the headband to the middle of the ears. Line up in the middle of the rectangular piece of the 2 connected circles. Then apply glue to the rest of the circle and stick to the other circle.

3} If you are making Minnie ears, cut about 6 inches of pink polka dot ribbon. Make a circle with the ribbon and use the white yarn to connect the ends. I threaded my sewing needle, sewed through all the layers and then wrapped around the ribbon in the middle a few times to cinch it together. Apply a dot of glue to the center of the bow and apply to the left ear!

TIP: Make sure you space your ears out, in the top picture you can tell that they are a little to close together.

For the ears display, I used 2 mason jars I had around and put black and white twine around the tops. I put one edge of the headbands inside. You could make a foam block to hold them or just stick them in a basket.

I wanted a cute sign for everyone to see so that they knew to take a pair of ears. I had a inexpensive black picture frame from the Target dollar spot. I used some of the pink polka dot paper my friend made for the invitations and downloaded a free Disney font and typed up this sign

"Now we've got ears,
its time for cheers!"
Added a cute Minnie bow and it was complete!

Thanks for reading!!