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Hi! I am a momma of 2, I’m southern, a vegetarian, & a student. I’m married to a top-notch guy who serves his country for a living. Ethan is the serious type & Lily is the complete opposite of serious! We are currently living it up in NC! This blog is a little place for me to document our lives.

Sunday, October 13, 2013


Well I've been thinking about this little blog for the past couple of weeks. I think it is time to start writing again. I feel like I have something to finally write about.

So 2013 has been a CRAZY year. Life just seems to be flying by. My kids are growing like weeds. Ethan started Pre-K {he even rides the bus!}. Lily goes to pre-school with the same teachers Ethan had last year. Sohel returned from deployment in July & its been a roller coaster getting back into being a family of 4. I started another semester of college but decided to change my major. More on that another time.

I have some things I want to share with y'all over the next few posts. So hopefully I can stick with it!

 Lily's first day of pre-school!

 Ethan's first day of pre-k!

Homecoming pictures taken by my friend Jackie Wasser of Jackie Anna Photography! If you are in Jacksonville, N, Camp Lejeune, or N. Virginia check her out!